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Steel Industry Decreases Development Steel Enterprises Seek Green Transformation

editor:Zhejiang Jianxin Steel Technology Co., Ltd. │ datetime:2018-04-24 

Steel Industry Decreases Development Steel Enterprises Seek Green Transformation...

The reporter learned from the “2017 China Steel Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Forum” that in the past decade, crude steel production in China's steel industry has increased by 108%, an average annual increase of 7.6%; total energy use of iron and steel enterprises has only increased by 93%, with an average annual growth of 6.8. According to the energy saving rate of products in the ten years, 34.4 million tons of standard coal will be saved, and the rate of energy consumption for key production processes will increase year by year.

Behind the data, both the contribution of technological progress and the change in the concept of corporate development.

The results of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute's forecast of China's steel demand from 2020 to 2030 show that from the overall perspective of the medium and long term, the actual consumption of steel in China presents the trend of “arc top” and “declining channel”. The current era of the development of China's steel industry has shifted from "incremental and expansion" to "decrease and adjustment."

“The iron and steel enterprises are taking the road of high-efficiency, energy-saving and green environmental protection, and it is an inevitable requirement for the economic and social development to enter a new historical stage.” Zhang Huaidong, Minister of Energy and Energy, Hegang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., said that with the increasing scarcity of resources and energy, the ecological environment is constantly increasing. Deterioration, accelerated adjustment of economic structure, significant strengthening of environmental protection constraints, and noticeable increase in public awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection have made it impossible for iron and steel enterprises to take the old road of traditional extensive development.

Li Xinchuang, Director of the Planning and Research Institute of the Metallurgical Industry, believes that the iron and steel industry, which is in the stage of reducing development, should speed up the construction of an efficient, clean, low-carbon, and cyclical development system, break through the constraints of the carrying capacity of resources and the environment, and seek economic growth and resources. The harmony of the environment. As Li Xinchuang said, reporters learned from the forum site that the current major steel companies are exploring new development paths and are transitioning toward green development, such as actively participating in the establishment of a carbon emissions trading system and establishing a “green heating” cycle chain. Create ecological factories and so on.

“Steel companies strongly promote green development, which will also promote the industry to vigorously innovate in energy conservation, environmental protection and process technology, and create new opportunities for development.” Zhang Huaidong said.

Experts suggest that in the next step, the role of energy saving and green standards in promoting the green and low carbon development of the steel industry should be further promoted, and the energy saving and green development standards for the steel industry should be accelerated. Through government supervision and social supervision, human factors are replaced by standardization, leading to the overall improvement of the industry's green and low-carbon development level.

On the corporate level, Zhang Huaidong believes that green development is not only reflected in the improvement of the environment, but also reflected in the higher management and operating standards, excavation of corporate management efficiency, improve the level of efficient use of resources and energy, and ultimately create low-cost, high efficiency Corporate comprehensive competitive advantage.