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First batch of national industrial heritage list released

editor:Zhejiang Jianxin Steel Technology Co., Ltd. │ datetime:2018-04-24 

In order to strengthen the protection and utilization of industrial heritage, inherit the Chinese industrial spirit and promote the innovation and development of the industrial cultural industry, on December 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information released news that the first batch of national industrial heritage certification list was announced on the 11th and Chongqing Heavy Steel was closed. Steel mills are on the list.

The predecessor of the heavy steel type steel plant was the fourth one of the steel plant relocation and construction committee. On the eve of the fall of Wuhan in 1938, the Nationalist government moved several important iron and steel enterprises such as Hanyang Iron Works, Liuhegou Iron Works and Shanghai Steelmaking Plant to Chongqing, and used Dadukou in the same year. Build a new factory for the site. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Relocation Committee of Steel Works organized and produced 90% of the total iron and steel in the country’s large rear, and created a group of professional and technical personnel and industrial workers in practice. It witnessed China’s external aggression at all levels and was indomitable and tenacious. The history of resistance. In the early days of the liberation, the steel mills developed the standard rails of the British system and the Chinese system with the production technology of the time. In the later development process, they continued to uphold the R&D and innovation traditions and achieved new heights in the steel industry. The Chongqing Industrial Cultural Expo Park with steel factories as its main body has demonstrated the protection of the national industry and commerce, the positive evidence of industrial national salvation, the course of industrial development, and the characteristics of industrial aesthetics.

The heavy steel plant heritage project is located in Dadukou District of Chongqing City, including the east of the North-South Road of the Lizilin Area, the west of Binjiang Road, the north of Gongbo South Road, and the south of Gongbo Middle Road. The core items include the former workshop site of the relocation and construction committee of the steel plant, two-cylinder horizontal steam engines, two steam locomotives, and rails, three chimneys, and several mechanical equipments for various eras such as milling machines, straightening machines, and scraping machines, and related files. data.