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The spirit of Jianxin “continues to grow and develop during research”

editor:Zhejiang Jianxin Steel Technology Co., Ltd. │ datetime:2018-05-02 

Celebrating the sweat of laborers and commemorating the history of youthful boiling.In order to enhance the management level of management personnel and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company,On the morning of May 1, 2018, all the management personnel of Jianxin Steel went down to the South Lake of Jiaxing under the leadership of the general manager of the company.First, I boarded a boat on Lake Island.During the visit to the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu's “Jiangnan chun jueju”, “Several Miles in the Green, Red Clouds in the Village, and Guo Kui in the Wind. The Temple in the Southern Dynasty of 400 Counts, How Many Towers in the Terrace Rain and Rain.” ;Later he visited the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, a revolutionary memorial hall built to commemorate the closing of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China in South Lake.How many martyrs he bears has cost his life for the founding of New China. We must always remember these names of heroism and remember the history of the party. We also need to remember the mission of Jianxin steel.

In the afternoon, we came to another scenic spot in Jiaxing, Meihuazhou.In this beautiful ten-mile peach forest, we launched an efficient management improvement project kick-off meeting under the organization of Jiaxing Hejin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.At the meeting, the swearing-in ceremony for Jianxin Steel's 2,300 tons of output in May was carried out. The teacher HeJin trained on the improvement of the production capacity of Jianxin Steel and taught us to be grateful and always grateful for our daily work. Germany, Changxing’s grateful actions, make concerted efforts to create success, and in the coming month, we will work together to tackle the issue and achieve our goals!

Although the conference is over, we must continue to learn and progress in the process of tackling key problems. We must devote more full-hearted work enthusiasm to our work in the future work, and contribute our strength to the company's vigorous development!