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2018 Annual Meeting of the Company

editor:Zhejiang Jianxin Steel Technology Co., Ltd. │ datetime:2018-04-24 

The year 2017 quietly passed. We recalled that the glory and receipt of goods had arrived in 2018. We are full of fighting spirit and hope. a new Year. With passion and challenges, Zhejiang Jianxin Steel Technology Co., Ltd. has entered a new chapter of development.

On February 6, 2018, Jianxin Steel held a grand welcome party at Haiyan International Building. The company awarded advanced employees with awards. Employees created their own colorful art programs. Exciting sweepstakes added glory to the whole party, and special awards pushed the atmosphere of the convention to a climax. This is a joyous event. It not only shows the positive and youthful outlook of all employees, but also conveys the ambition of the company's grand plan and its wings!